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Balchik’s History Museum is located in four different buildings. Its founding is connected to the archaeological studies of Karel Shkorpil back in 1907. Thirty years later opened the art gallery, the archaeological exhibition and the ethnographic exhibition, located in the royal summer residence. At the end of August 1940 they ceased to exist, and the majority of the artifacts of cultural value were taken to Romania. Two decades later, the museum resumed its activities. In the following years it performed active collection and research work. Today it has more than 20 000 artifacts that are part of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage. They are divided into several sections: archaeological, ethnographic and artistic and are represented through different displays.

Archeological Display

The display presents in chronological order the town’s history from its founding in the 6th c. BC until its liberation from Romanian rule in 1940. The display includes collections of archaeological finds from the late antiquity and medieval fortress in “Horizont” neighborhood, the settlement near Dzhenny hill, the medieval ritual necropolis on the territory of the Balchik airbase, the ancient burial mound in Taushan Tepe area and the temple of the Great Mother Goddess Cybele.


Balchik 9600, 2 “Dimitar Zhelev” str.

Tel.: 0879 998 940 – Director


Opening hours for visitors:

Monday – Saturday 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00

Entrance for persons from 7 to 18 years, students and pensioners – 1.00 lev;

Entrance for persons older than 18 – 5.00 leva;

Lecture – 5.00 leva (thematic), 2.00 leva (general)

When: all year round.

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