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“Bolata” is a bay to the north of Cape Kaliakra. It is a narrow gorge that cuts through the beach. From the mainland it is surrounded by rocks with caves carved into them. Through the bay runs a small river, and around the place where it flows into the sea a sand strip is formed- the only one in the Cape Kaliakra’s area.

The “Bolata” area is part of the Natural Reserve “Kaliakra”. There you can observe golden eagle and a variety of water birds such as bitterns, herons, kingfishers, ducks and grebes. About 150 bird species inhabit the area. Across the bay passes Via Pontica – one of the main routes of migratory birds, on which in spring to Bulgaria fly approximately 400 bird species such as the levant sparrowhawk, the long-legged buzzard, the partridge, the pygmy cormorant, the ruddy shelduck, the semi-collared flycatcher, the masked shrike, the paddyfield warbler, the sombre tit and others.
Apart from the beautiful birds, “Bolata” is famous for the fact that in the surrounding caves were discovered traces of an ancient settlement, dating from the 4th c. BC, as well as a Maltese cross – evidence of the trade relations between the Second Bulgarian Empire, Venice and Genoa. From the highest point of the rock one can see not only the bay itself, but the entire Cape Kaliakra. If you continue further north, you reach the “Taukliman” area and the resort “Rusalka”.
Where: “Bolata” is located about 3 km north of Cape Kaliakra. It is accessible by car and public transport. On the official website of the municipality of Kavarna - http://www.kavarna.bg or by contacting the Bus Station Kavarna (tel. 0570 23 90 8), you can obtain the schedule of buses going along the route Kavarna – “Bolata” – Cape Kaliakra and Kavarna – “Bolata” – Kavarna.
When: The bay can be visited all year round, but those who wish to observe Via Pontica should visit it in the spring (March) when the migratory birds fly in, and in late summer (September) when they fly away. The summer season is also a good period for a visit. Since the area is part of a Nature Reserve, free passage is prohibited. Three marked trails are provided to visiting tourists.

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