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Above Kavarna’s coast majestically rises Cape Chirakman. Its name means “torch”, and according to historical sources in the past it served as an orientation landmark. It is located 3 km south of Kavarna, forming a beautiful end of a lovely valley, through which passes the road from the town to the port and the sea.

In ancient times, Chirakman was a tall and impressive peninsula of great navigational significance. In the 1st millennium BC here appeared a village, known under the name Bizone. After a long period of decline, caused by a series of military and political conflicts and the devastating earthquake of the 1st c. BC., in Roman times the life in Bizone began to recover and from that point on until the end of the 14th c. AD, the town was a well-known economic and cultural center.

During the early Byzantine era, due to the escalating barbaric threat, Bizone was moved to the Chirakman plateau, thus becoming, at the end of the 5th and the beginning of the 6th c., a highly fortified settlement. At that time a church was built in the central part of the fortress. In the small bay at the foot of Chirakman are situated the fishing village with small houses and many boats, the marina and the beach. The area provides excellent opportunities for recreational tourism, as well as for extreme and alternative sports and tourism, yacht tourism, parachuting, paragliding, etc.

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