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The museum is in the town’s center; it opened in 1971. Its display follows the town’s history from the 5th – 4th c. until 1940. You can see items illustrating the culture of tribes and peoples who inhabited Dobrudzha. The museum also presented the largest ancient ceramics center in Europe, discovered near the village of Topola. Here are displayed collections of ancient, Byzantine, Venetian and western coins demonstrating the economic and political contacts the Karvun Principality had with the Black Sea and the Mediterranean world.

Where: Kavarna, 1B “Chernomorska” str., tel.: 0570/8 21 50. The museum can be accessed on foot from the town’s center (square “Dobrotitza” and the building of the Municipality of Kavarna). http://www.kavarna.bg kavarna_museum@abv.bg

For contacts: 0570 8 21 50 0570 8 23 27

When: from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday. Group visits can be organized on Saturday and Sunday on request. Prices are as follows: Entrance fee for adults: 3 leva. Entrance fee for students: 1.5 leva. Lectures (in Bulgarian): 10 leva Taking photographs: 2 leva. Entrance fee for two museum sites in Kavarna for groups with a contract is 4 leva per person for adults and 2 leva per person for students.  Every Thursday there is no entrance fee for all visitors.

For contacts: 0570 8 21 50; 0570 8 23 27

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