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Karalezkata Cheshma is well-known from Yordan Yovkov’s story “The song of the wheels.” You can see the fountain even today, in the village of Stefan Karadzha, near Dobrich. It got its name from the village that what the closest to it at the time: Karalez (today Tzarevetz). Yovkov associated its construction with an act of public beneficence (sebap), performed by a given Murad Bey of the village of Sarneno. People said that he donated the money and organized the construction of the fountain. There is hardly a more beautiful way to describe this fountain than in the words of Yovkov himself: “And it came to his mind then, the story of Murad Bey of Sarneno, who had commissioned the famous Karalezka Cheshma. What a fountain and what a place for a fountain! Nineteen stone tubs, cobblestone in front of it, as if it were the courtyard of an inn, three spouts that babble and pour water…cold and clear as a teardrop. And the field around it is a sad, dry and cracked earth, the heat is one of a desert. People and herds walk towards the fountain; they approach it, their eyes burning from stuffiness and heat. A white road winds on both sides of the fountain and everyone who passes by, no matter in which direction stops by the fountain to take a sip. And maybe they will rarely say it, but each of these souls is filled with gratitude to God and praise to the one who had built this fountain and whose name is being whispered forever by the streams of the three spouts.” In the waterless Dobrudzha of these days, the fountain was indeed a priceless treasure and a favorite place for locals and travelers. For us today, it is an unforgettable memory of the past, preserved through the words of the famous Bulgarian writer. A visit to this fountain would be a great finish to a tour following Yovkov’s footsteps.
Where: Karalezkata Cheshma is located in a park in the center of the village of Stefan Karadzha. The distance between Dobrich and Stefan Karadzha is about 10 kilometers or about 13-minute drive. The buses from Dobrich to General Toshevo also pass through Stefan Karadzha. For the updated routes and schedules please call Bus Station – Dobrich (tel.: 058 690 120, 058 690 121).
When: The site can be visited all year round.

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