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Art Gallery Dobrich is one of the 100 National Tourist Sites of Bulgaria. Its building is a cultural heritage site. It was built as a courthouse in the period 1933-1935 by Italian and Romanian architects and exemplifies the European influence our country felt in the first half of the 20th century. It occupies a leading place in the architectural and historical memory of Dobrich and dominates the independent administrative and cultural center of the town.
Today it hosts masterpieces of painting, sculpture and graphics that chronologically present the development of Bulgarian art from the early 1990s, indicating the main stylistic trends, the leading names and the representative works of the most famous Bulgarian artists who are part the golden cultural heritage of Bulgaria. Of particular interest are: the space for contemporary visual art “The cells” and the “Workshop for Imagination” – a special room, a favorite place of children and students dedicated to creative work and experiments.

Where: 9300 Dobrich, 14 “Bulgaria” str.
Information on opening hours and entrance fees: tel. /Fax: +359 / 58/602215, 602 091

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